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October is

Breast Cancer Awareness

If you’re affected by breast cancer, we’re always with you

Every October, people all over the world show their support for everyone affected by breast cancer.


This month, we’re committed to showing you that no matter who you are, whatever your experience of breast cancer – we’re always here to help in support and guide you.



Help connect you to resources and facilities to 

keep you up to date, examined, and healthy. 

See the button above for events in support for October, in the Atlanta area.

Does breast cancer run in your family?

Do you feel an abnormality when you self-examine?

Northside Hospital of Atlanta does mammograms and help you if your financially unable to pay full price, or up front.

Call us today to help you get booked in!

Knowing early can save lives!

Breast Cancer Awareness Race

Next Steps

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